Mansel Jones


Mansel Jones has been researching and writing about medieval history and the history of Kenfig for the past forty years. He is an acknowledged expert in his field and his views are sought by academics and universities. He lives near the abandoned medieval town of Kenfig, the inspiration for much of his writing. He is the author of A History of Kenfig, Pendragon and Tangwstyl.

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Praise for Tangwstyl

Tangwstyl is the daughter of the second Arthur and it is her arrival that sets in motion events that were prophesied by Merlin. Although this is a fictional work, there is such wonderful attention to detail and accurate portrayal of the living conditions and political influences of the time that it seems to be a part of history recounted. There must have been a lot of research gone into this story and it shows by its excellence.

I loved the diversity of the characters and the way their lives impacted on the whole. Each one has something to offer and it makes for a rich and fulfilling read. There are good people and bad people but they are not black and white but many shades in between, making them real. This is a book to be savored again and again.

Praise for Pendragon

This book came with great recommendations, else I wouldn’t have touched a novel about the well worn topic of King Arthur. I’m please to say that the book lived up to the hype. The author wrote the story of Arthur’s rise and battles with great sense of authenticity and competence. Excellent detail and scene setting gave me the feeling I was reading serious historical fiction rather than a fantasy legend, as so many other writers in the field have done.

The book extends on Welsh interests within the legend, which was particularly fascinating because I never read about that angle in connection with Arthur.

Familiarity with the locations, conscious use of language and dramatic skill made this a very enjoyable and rewarding reading.