Heather Ramsay

0A826A1D-CA62-47DB-A416-AB6F3F63350DHeather Ramsay grew up in a town just outside of Toronto, Ontario. After spending a few years working and exploring California, she now resides in Pennsylvania with her family. Personal trainer, yoga teacher and group exercise instructor by trade, her true passion is writing.

An avid reader and make believer from a young age, Heather dreamed of one day publishing her own book. When not reading or writing, you can often find her training, spending time with family, or chasing around her kids.

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Praise for Snakebite

“Phoenix, the heroine of Snakebite, is a mysterious and amnesiac woman who is part of an elite UN squad tasked with hunting down master criminals and terrorists. The other members of the squad, known as Medic and Wolfe, are just as mysterious. Their leader is a brooding general known as Cobra, a man who puts the fear of God into the members of his squad and everyone else. For example, when he walks into the dining room on their base in New Mexico, everyone in the room stops talking and leaves as soon as possible. Of course, the reader gets glimpses into how hot he really is and suspects something really good is going to happen between him and Phoenix.

At first this seems like it’s going to be a simple action/romance, but then it begins to develop layers. The reader wonders why the squad took in an unknown woman with amnesia and trained her to be a part of their team, and no good explanation is given at first. I thought there must be a lot more to the story, and boy, is there! I can’t say what without giving spoilers, but I can say that I wish the second book in this series was already out. It took me a day or so to get my mind out of Phoenix’s world, and I would have loved to stay in it.”