Denise McCabe

164C7636-7BE7-4B03-8978-3DC5C69EB4AEDenise McCabe is from Dublin and is a children’s book author and blogger. When she gets time, her favourite pastime is writing and reading with a cup of tea at hand. Her ultimate goal is to see her children grow up in a happy environment and live content, peaceful lives while trying to stay sane in the meantime. She loves to hear from her readers and she can be contacted  by email or come have a chat with her on facebook or follow her blog.

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Praise for Spike, The Not So Nice Dinosaur

“This book is a great kids story with adorable pictures. Spike, with the help of Mike, learns to be a nice person, share and be honest. The lessons he learns are all good lessons for kids.”

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Praise for The Clumsy Gnome

“This is a quirky little picture book, perfect for younger readers. It’s silly and funny and made my little ones laugh. They loved the brightly coloured pictures and madcap story. Tom is a delightful character with his clumsiness and mixed up words. He discovers that everyone has a talent and even though his clumsiness causes all sorts of trouble, even he has a special part to play. Denise McCabe always manages to capture the childish humour. My children really enjoyed discovering the activities at the end of the story.”

Praise for The Witches of Naiad School

“This is a fun story with a great message for young children. Molly is a witch that most children will relate to. It’s a perfect length for a bedtime story and it’s simple enough for new readers to read themselves. My children loved the bright illustrations and the activities at the end were a nice surprise. I think this is Denise McCabe’s best book so far.”