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With the fast moving and digital world we now live in from smart phones and other multimedia devices becoming increasingly popular, this is now a good time for authors to consider other platforms like audio books to have a broader range of publication for their works. This article is a very  useful guide on the production, publishing and distribution of Audio books


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Climbing the best sellers charts with Riffle Select

Our author Hannah Howe discusses climbing the best sellers charts with Riffle Select.

For many authors, scaling the bestsellers lists is their dream. After the labor of love that goes into writing a novel, there can be no greater satisfaction than it being read and well received by a large audience. But with more books being independently published than ever before, it can be hard to make your book stand out from the crowd—and that’s the first step in turning your book into a bestseller.

“A free book on Riffle raises the author’s profile and a book’s visibility. The key to sales on Amazon. . . is visibility.” — Hannah Howe. Read more of this articlebestsellers-67048_640


Blackmail Amazon Hot New Release

FB_IMG_1528064084955We are delighted to announce that Blackmail, an Amazon hot new release, book three of Hannah Howe series Ann’s War quintet is published today!

The Ann’s War Mystery Series is a series of five novellas set in 1944-5. Each story contains approximately 15,000 words and a complete mystery. The stories are: BETRAYAL, INVASION, BLACKMAIL, ESCAPE and VICTORY. The stories are set four months apart and will be published four months apart, so you can read them in ‘real time’, if you wish. However, you may prefer to read the books ‘as one’ after the publication of VICTORY. Please make your choice based on your reading preference. Kindly note that each mystery is resolved within one story, and that Ann’s story arc will be resolved over the five books.


With her husband, Emrys, still missing in action Ann Morgan faces the prospect of spending her first wedding anniversary, and Christmas, alone. However, a phone call from Alistair Blythe, a young man she briefly walked out with before her marriage to Emrys, sets Ann on a trail that leads to murder, encounters with black market spivs and threats to her life.

With assistance from spymaster Charles Montagu and Detective Inspector Max Deveraux, Ann uncovers a major secret of the war. And, with the snow falling at Christmas, she receives a present she will never forget.


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Amazon Hot New Release – Saving Grace

We are delighted for our author Hannah Howe’s book Saving Grace, which is based on a true story and is an Amazon Hot 100 New  Release for the eighth week running. You can pre-order “The Courtroom Drama of the Year” here for the special price of $0.99/€0.99/£0.99 and become one of the first to discover a secret that has remained hidden for 142 years.